Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Catchup

Monday Catchup

Still catching up on reading the weekend news. My analytical skills have been more focuses on Voldemort's next moves than Bush's, though similar principles may be applicable. And Rowling gets a subtle dig at Bush into the new book, though not by name.

But for now I've loaned Rowling's latest out to a friend so before I do the obligatory re-read I'll get up to date on Muggle news.

Sunday's big news was fallout from Plame/Rove and I have little to add. Today this tidbit shows up in the New York Times: "The F.B.I. has in its files 1,173 pages of internal documents on the American Civil Liberties Union, the leading critic of the Bush administration's antiterrorism policies, and 2,383 pages on Greenpeace..."

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