Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ohio 2: Beating The Point Spread

Ohio 2: Beating The Point Spread

The buzz of the blogosphere this AM is the Ohio congressional special election in suburban Cincinnati. We had no business even TRYING in the 2nd CD, the kind of safe GOP conservative district we usually just let go, sometimes without a canidate.

But Paul Hackett just missed with 48% in a 70% Republican district. That means if we make a good effort an a 65% Republican district, we can win. I've been caught saying "there aren't 218 winnable districts" but I may have to reassess that.

A loss is still a loss but we made this close when it never "should" have been. And it's not really a "loss" since it was a GOP seat to begin with. I wonder what the demographics are in Christopher Cox's soon to be vacant district in California? Can't win if we don't try.

More roundup at Daily Kos and MyDD and Mathew Gross.

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