Saturday, October 08, 2005

Iowa City Primary

Iowa City Primary

The Press-Citizen chimes in with a half-decent candidate guide that I feel the need to share. The statements from the candidates are worthwhile, though Mitch "non-factor" Rotman didn't do his homework.

I voted last week for Amy Correia and Garry Klein. And against my better judgement I'll place my horse race perfecta bet:

1. Dobyns
2. Correia
3. O'Donnell
4. Klein
5. Baker
6. Rotman

The order OFTEN shuffles between the primary and the general, and with Baker out Klein will pick up the remaining Baker support.

Mike O'Donnell CAN be beaten. He's never been an exceptionally popular candidate: he's coming off a loss to Rod Sullivan in the supervisor primary. If all the students who requested absentee ballots had bothered to send them back in, Leah Cohen would have beaten him in 2001. And he only won his first term over Derek Maurer by a couple hundred votes in 1997.

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