Friday, November 04, 2005

Candidates want stem cell law repealed (except Blouin)

Candidates want stem cell law repealed

More extremism from Mike Blouin:

Five of six candidates at a forum Wednesday said they support the expansion of stem cell research in Iowa, despite a state law passed by lawmakers in 2002 that banned human cloning and included restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.

Candidate Mike Blouin, a pro-life Catholic, argued that Iowa's law is a model for the rest of the nation and should be kept in place.

"I think we ought to give it a chance to work. There is tremendous promise in adult stem cell as well umbilical stem cell (research) and nothing interrupts that, nothing at all," he said.

Blouin declined to answer directly whether he opposed embryonic stem cell research.

"I think we ought to tread very lightly," he said.

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