Sunday, November 27, 2005

IA Ag Sec: Some Johnson County Endorsements

IA Ag Sec: Some Johnson County Endorsements

Here in the People's Republic, activists are keeping their powder dry in the outwit outplay outlast governor's primary.

But in the race for Secretary of Agriculture, at least a few people are taking sides. Dusky Terry got the unusual but unsurprising official Vilsack endorsement recently, but well before that he was the keynote speaker at a September fundraiser for Senator Bob Dvorsky (one of the first and foremost Vilsackers back in `97-98.)

Now this hits my inbox, signed by Regenia Bailey of the Iowa City Council:

If you care about healthy food, the quality of the air and water in Iowa, sustaining family farms and our rural landscape, Come meet Denise O'Brien, Democratic candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. Learn why the office of Secretary of Agriculture matters to urban voters.

Sunday, December 4, 2-4 p.m.
311 E. Fairchild Street, Iowa City
Home of Sue Futrell & Will Jennings

Hosted by: Sue Futrell & Will Jennings; Regenia Bailey & Jay Berry; Sharon & John Lake; Tom Carsner; Sondra Smith & David Leshtz

I'll translate: Several of these names are prominently associated with the quote unquote progressive wing of the party. (Notice how people say quote unquote term, when it should be quote term unquote.). Berry just managed Amy Correia's first-place Iowa City Council win; Carsner is a former party chair, two-time supervisor candidate, and made a good progressive case for John Edwards in `04; Leshtz is chair of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, a former Dean staffer, and editor of the wonderful newsletter The Prairie Progressive (which really needs to get on line someday, Dave!).

These sorts of endorsements of Terry and O'Brien are the kind of thing that get buzzed about in the back of the room at party events but only make the newspaper, if at all, as verbatim press releases.

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