Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nagle says plan threatens Iowa caucuses

Nagle says plan threatens Iowa caucuses

Dave Nagle attacks the proposed 2008 calendar, with a shot at the governor thrown in:

Nagle, a former congressman from Cedar Falls, said Iowa stands to lose its prominence in the process under plans set to be considered by a commission next month.

And he accused Gov. Tom Vilsack of failing to take a more public role to try to stop it.

"It's a real body blow to our status," he said of a proposal that would schedule caucuses of yet-to-be-named states closer to Iowa's.

"(Vilsack) needs to set aside his presidential ambitions and be the governor of the state of Iowa with a major economic development tool at stake," Nagle said.

Nagle led the Iowa Democratic Party in the early 1980s, and helped draft a state law then that requires Iowa to hold its caucuses before any others.

Nagle still wields some influence in party circles; the people who love him really love him. His loss of the house seat in the 1992 redistricting with Nussle hat a deep personal impact on Dave - somehow I don't think he really got over it. And it's too bad because he was truly a great House member in the late part of the Democratic majority era. Colorful, committed, a great and always available interview in my journalist years.

Meanwhile, Steve King wants to build a border fence.

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