Friday, November 18, 2005

An Unlikely Lonesome Dove

An Unlikely Lonesome Dove

John Murtha's call for immidiate withdrawal from Iraq will one day be seen as a key turning point. This ain't Dennis Kucinich - Murtha is one of the last of a breed. A hard-hat lunch bucket Pittsburgh Steelers Hubert Humphrey Scoop Jackson hawk.

And he's saying bring them all home now.

My friend Ed Flaherty, a long-time JCDem, writes:

We have seen in the past how the Bush propaganda machine does anything possible to devastate opponents, and in particular how they have smeared veterans like McCain, Cleland, and Kerry. They are doing the same thing to Rep. Murtha. Leonard Boswell is our only Dem congressperson from IA, and he is a Viet Nam veteran, with honors. I suggest that everyone contact him and ask that he stand in support of Murtha. It would be great if he agreed with Murtha's resolution. More to the immediate point, though, is that he should be vocal & visible right now in speaking out on Murtha's integrity,sanity, vision, and leadership. The toll-free # of Boswell's Des Moines office is 888 432-1984. DC office is 202 225-3806, and DC fax is 202 225-5608. e-mail address is

Tom Harkin should do the same thing, but I doubt he needs urging.

As a citizen and as a veteran, I am sick to death of chicken-hawks (or anyone) smearing veterans.

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