Sunday, May 28, 2006

Biking By The Wooden Nickel

Biking By The Wooden Nickel

Even on my morning exercise ride, I can't escape the politics. Started early to beat the heat, made it to North Liberty and was headed back on North Dubuque. I'd heard about the giant wooden nickel that the stop the road/challenger folks had made but I hadn't remembered where it was. So armed with my new camera phone I did a little photojournalism.

To incredibly oversimplify this for my out of county readers this is a build the road vs. don't build the road fight.

The whole "Don't Tread On Me" theme is a fascinating and colorful rhetorical flourish, an anti-authority, anti-establishment jab that seems to not be a lefty or righty thing. Here's some history on the 18th century origins of the flag. How this translates into 21st century votes... we'll see in nine days.

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