Sunday, July 23, 2006

January 2008 Hot Vacation Spot: Des Moines, Nashua, or Vegas?

January 2008 Hot Vacation Spot: Des Moines, Nashua, or Vegas?

Candidates and the press will love the new prominence of Nevada. Despite the widespread geography, 90% of the population is in one county. Direct, cheap flights. World class hotels. Lots of after hours entertainment and distractions for the boys on the bus crowd. Where would you rather go in January: Des Moines, Nashua, or Vegas? The Silver State might step on BOTH Iowa and New Hampshire. Look for at least one candidate (Richardson?) to adopt the Gore 88/Wes Clark Screw Iowa strategy with the Nevada twist. Placing it all on one roll of the dice, as it were.

SurveyUSA has the latest governor rankings. Who the hell is Jon Huntsman? Oh, Utah. Anyway he's +58% and #1. The lamest duck, Bob Taft, continues to bring up the rear of the parade at -61%, with Alaska's Frank Murkowski not much ahead. But Murkowski's running...

Vilsack's in the middle of the pack, +8, as the Register sums up his first year heading Democrats for the Leisure Class. He's not far behind Huckabee (+10). The other GOP wannabees are lower than that: Romney's dead even and Pataki is a miserable -18%, adding fuel to my theory that he's running for prez because he can't get re-elected governor.

Behind the Gazette firewall, a look at coping with the sex offender radius law: living at campgrounds. Can you imagine a stupider, more dangerous outcome? Can you envision a worse way to rehabilitate and reintegrate?

Not off the grid after all - some friendly neighbors have unsecured wifi...

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