Sunday, July 16, 2006

Override Over-react from Overrated

Override Over-react from Overrated

The Overrated One can barely restrain his glee at the eminent domain override. He's off the mark, but not for the usual reasons.

The analysis itself is sound - the guv was too busy with the nascent presidential campaign to pay full attention to this bill. Where Yepsen gets it wrong is thinking this is a Big Deal. Vilsack `08 is a non-starter to begin with. No one notices another dent in a $1000 Or Best Offer - Runs Good car with red duct tape on the tail lights, and this is just one more garbage bag over the window.

The thing I'm curious about is why Vilsack has invested so much of his shrinking political capital on this anyway.

Tom Beaumont has the for public consumption approved "this won't hurt a bit" quotes.

Other tidbits:

  • Jane Norman reports that Nussle voted with the Steve King Wing on voting rights, and Harkin praised Lieberman (boo) while pledging to back the Connecticut primary winner (yay).

  • Feingold in Dubuque.

  • Drinking Liberally makes the Gazette; expect Stepping Up to object soon.
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