Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Police taking aim at jaywalkers

Police taking aim at jaywalkers

Apparantly busting young adults for having a beer is no longer enough for the Iowa City police. In its ongoing effort to make this the least student friendly college town in the midwest, the new menace II society is... jaywalking?!?

In 2004, Iowa City police issued six jaywalking citations. In 2005, one person was ticketed. This year, Iowa City police Sgt. Doug Hart said, officers have issued eight tickets as of last week for the violation: six on Aug. 22, one on Aug. 23, and another in March.

UI senior Chris Agyeman said the jaywalking citations were another way for the city to take money from cash-strapped college students.

"By the time we graduate, they'll be like, 'You woke up today; that's $50,' " he said.

The old guard townies would be happier if the students stayed in Schaumburg, sent their money in, and we could have a nice college town full of professors and plays and museums and football games without all those pesky kids. Is Madison looking better and better?

Sam Garchik's write-in campaign makes the Press-Citizen.

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