Thursday, January 11, 2007

Loebsack's First Speech, Jail Talk in Johnson

Loebsack's First Speech, Jail Talk in Johnson

Dave takes to the House floor:
Loebsack, D-Iowa City (sic), focused on the minimum wage Wednesday in his first statement on the floor of the House.

"My constituents in Iowa and people all across America are working harder, but they are not receiving the fruits of their labor, and many face daily financial hardships," Loebsack said.

By increasing the minimum wage, Loebsack said, Congress would "show America that we are about fairness, about rewarding those who work hard day in and day out."

Aside: While we Iowa Citians are proud of Dave, I'm sure his neighbors in Mt. Vernon are too.

On the horizon: Johnson County studying a jail. Lonny Pulkrabek's taken a lot of steps these last two years to divert people from jail when mental health or substance treatment is more appropriate, and to question the mandatory drug sentencing laws that trickle down to his jam-packed jail. Can Lonny and Janet Lyness make the jail case where Pat White and Bob Carpenter couldn't? The big barrier now is still the book-em Dan-O attitudes at the University and Iowa City police.

And John Edwards is looking to the Deaniacs.

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