Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Here comes the second penny?

Here comes the second penny?

Daily Iowan and no one else picks up on this:
"Looking for options to staff the fourth fire station with an already-tight budget, Wilburn said he was pleased to see the community pass the school local-option sales tax, which was approved Feb. 13. The mayor said he is gauging local interest for proposing a similar tax to pay for improving both the Fire and Police Departments.

"I would be interested in doing this, but only if I get the sense that the public is interested in doing so," Wilburn said.

I wound up reluctantly supporting the school sales tax, mostly because the diference between the money kept local if we passed it now and the money shipped to Des Moines if the state passed it later was roughly one high school. But one of my misgivings was that the cities would view passage as an opportunity to try again. It's only been two weeks, and here we are...

Shocked! Shocked I am!

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