Monday, March 19, 2007

JCDems Offyear Caucus: Four Campaigns Representin' So Far

JCDems Offyear Caucus 3/31: Four Campaigns Representin' So Far

Quiet on the presidential campaign trail this weekend in Johnson County. The next big stop appears to be the March 31 combo of the Johnson County Dem's offyear caucus and the Linn County Dems' Hall of Fame dinner.

So far the only candidate committed to the Johnson County event is Dodd. Some teams have surrogates lined up:

  • Attorney General Tom Miller is coming in for Obama (who is working the western side of the state that day) Update: I guess I'm wrong on that, oops. Reports are Obama will be represented by someone else...
  • Miller's Delaware counterpart Beau Biden, son of the senator, will represent for dad
  • and Ed Fallon is in for Edwards.

    Where's Hillary?

    The offyear caucus is a curious event; required of all counties by state party rules, the meeting is able to pass resulutions but not much else and has less official standing than a monthy central committee meeting. Still, it's an excuse to get together. Reports are that some other Eastern Iowa counties have passed Withdraw Troops Immediately resolutions but I don't have details.
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