Monday, April 30, 2007

Pettingill's Play

Pettingill Bolts Dems

The big news under the dome, contrary to rumors (the first-version title you may be seeing hints at that, as does Iowa Progress) was the defection of State Rep. Dawn Pettingill (D R-Mount Auburn) to the GOP.

This raises several questions:

  • The timing is interesting as Rants steps on the Dems' end of session plaudits and imposed a conservative frame:
    "The House Democratic leadership pursued an agenda which veered far from the principles for which my constituents and I stand," (Pettengill) said in a statement.

    How long ago was this planned?

  • Was it before or after Pettingill started going to Democratic caucuses again, and what kinds of conversations was she having?

  • Will she be giving back the $38,611 (43% of her fundraising) that she got in direct donations from the Iowa Democratic Party, not to mention any other money from disgruntled Dems?
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