Monday, June 18, 2007

Opposite Day

Iowa Blogosphere Opposite Day

In Bizarro World Sunday, it was John Deeth at Mitt Romney and Cyclone Conservatives at John Edwards. Best line: "They played some really bad country music. So bad, that it reminded me of a Republican event."

With that, the Romney afterthoughts.

  • Part of the pitch, though not said in these words, was "we need a CEO president." Wasn't that what Bush was supposed to be?
  • The overall feel was candidate as motivational speaker.
  • The name "Bush" was scarcely mentioned except by the man who said he hated even saying the name.
  • Maybe it's just the contrast from covering Pride Fest the day before, but it's interesting the issues that don't come up. Don't ask don't tell, civil unions and marriage -- not mentioned, as if one simply assumes a default GOP position. Just passing references to family and "husband and wife." Much like choice is one applause line in a Democratic speech, and not a line of questioning.

    The DI was at the fairgrounds with John Edwards and said it was hot, hot, hot.
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