Thursday, June 28, 2007

Willamsburg Hates Politicians

Williamsburg hates politicians

I knew an attorney who won a landmark lawsuit against a small Iowa city. Subsequently, she was pulled over every time she drove through town. Winning rights doesn't always win friends.

Williamsburg doesn't want politicians in their parade. This raises some questions -- what are the rules for other organizations? Someone might have a First Amendment case here if politicians are the only ones singled out.

But no one's likely to fight it. My attorney friend and her client didn't have to care about being liked, but a politician does. And a candidate who pushes to be where she or he isn't wanted isn't going to win over small town Iowa caucus goers.

With or without a fight, Willamsburg's stance perpetuates the attitude that politics is a nasty nuisance and that it's rude to ask someone for a vote. Attitudes like that push down turnout and participation and ultimately make our system weaker.

I'll be spending my Fourth at parades; my almost grownup daughter hasn't outgrown them yet. Dick Myers in the Coralville parade in his white suit on his Harley is as Americana as it gets. Brian Flaherty is trying to get my to liveblog from the back of his Jeep but I'm not sure how many people would get the joke.

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