Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morning Must-Reads

Morning Must-Reads

I've been in lazy, cut and paste mode for a couple days; looking forward to getting out and doing some actual journalism today. Tune in later for Chris Dodd. But before I do, one more round of ctrl-c, ctrl-v.

  • CQ has a must read on the Wyoming GOP situation, which is very much more than met the eye at first glance. Bottom line: Wyoming leaders worked their butts off in 1999-2000 on a comprehensive GOP primary reform. It proposed a rolling national primary: small states first in March, big states last in June. It passed lower level committees. But Karl Rove spiked it because he didn't want a floor fight at W's coronation convention. Wyoming has been stewing for eight years and wants its plan back on the table.

  • McCain Death Watch: Not only is he trailing for re-election in 2010, he's barely ahead in the Arizona presidential race. He's at 24% among Arizona Republicans.

  • Ballot Access News reports Dennis Kucinich is targeting independents and third party members in his bid for the Democratic Party nomination.

  • Cafe Left tells lefties and war opponents to stop flirting with Ron Paul:
    Although Paul seems moderate and competent when compared to his Republican presidential rivals, his views on other issues are strictly mainstream conservative.

    Paul does not believe in a woman's right to choose. He also believes that "birthright citizenship" should be outlawed. He believes that government is too big. Does this mean that if Paul were empowered to do so, he would be likely to cut social services and programs that assist the poor and others who need assistance?

    Paul opposes a national health care system, he opposes gay marriage, he believes that environmental legislation should be left up to the states, he believes that "don't ask don't tell" is good policy, and true to his former Libertarian roots, he believes that citizens should in fact have as little to do with the federal government as possible.

  • Closer to home, John Putney joins fellow Iowa GOP senators Thurman Gaskill and Mary Lundby in announcing 2008 retirements; mark the Iowa Senate in the Safe Dem column. And it's filing deadline for cities with primaries, including Iowa City, so we'll know the fall lineup in a few hours.
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