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Legislative Endorsement Update: Richardson Now On The Board

Legislative Endorsement Update: Richardson Now On The Board

Bill Richardson scores his first legislative endorsement, as State Rep. Marcella Frevert of Palo Alto County looks over the resume and hires the governor.  The endorsement is part of a recent flurry of activity on the Democratic side:

  • Joe Biden has the backing of Rep. Mary Gaskill of Ottumwa.
  • Hillary Clinton picked up two Cedar Rapids legislators, Sen. Rob Hogg and Rep. Todd Taylor.
  • John Edwards got the endorsement of Rep. Bob Kressig of Black Hawk County.
  • Rep. Brian Quirk of Chickasaw County is with Barack Obama.

    Time for an updated chart of donkeys:



    The standout stat from this chart remains Joe Biden's high levels of legislative support -- actually leading on the House side, and only one donkey behind Obama --- despite his low standing in the polls.

    NameDistrictHome CountyEndorsement2004 Endorsement
    Sen. Herman C. QuirmbachSenate District 23StoryBidennone
    Sen. Dr. Joe M. SengSenate District 43ScottBidennone
    Rep. McKinley BaileyHouse District 9HamiltonBidennew
    Rep. Doris KelleyHouse District 20Black HawkBidennew
    Rep. Roger ThomasHouse District 24ClaytonBidenKerry
    Rep. Polly BuktaHouse District 26ClintonBidenDean
    Rep. Dick TaylorHouse District 33LinnBidenKerry
    Rep. Lisa HeddensHouse District 46StoryBidenKerry
    Rep. Bruce HunterHouse District 62PolkBidenDean
    Rep. Kevin McCarthyHouse District 67PolkBidenLieberman
    Rep. Jim LykamHouse District 85ScottBidennone
    Rep. Mary GaskillHouse District 93WapelloBidenKerry
    Rep. John WhitakerHouse District 90Van BurenBidenGephardt
    Rep. Mike ReasonerHouse District 95UnionBidenLieberman
    Sen. William A. Dotzler, Jr.Senate District 11Black HawkClintonGephardt
    Sen. Roger StewartSenate District 13JacksonClintonKerry
    Sen. Michael ConnollySenate District 14DubuqueClintonKerry
    Sen. Wally E. HornSenate District 17LinnClintonnone
    Sen. Rob HoggSenate District 19LinnClintonnone
    Sen. Dennis H. BlackSenate District 21JasperClintonKerry
    Sen. Dick L. DeardenSenate District 34PolkClintonGephardt
    Sen. Staci AppelSenate District 37WarrenClintonnew
    Sen. Becky SchmitzSenate District 45JeffersonClintonnew
    Sen. Gene FraiseSenate District 46LeeClintonnone
    Rep. Roger WendtHouse District 2WoodburyClintonKerry
    Rep. Mark KuhnHouse District 14FloydClintonGephardt
    Rep. Todd TaylorHouse District 34LinnClintonnone
    Rep. Swati DandekarHouse District 36LinnClintonKerry
    Rep. Paul BellHouse District 41JasperClintonKerry
    Rep. Mary MascherHouse District 77JohnsonClintonKerry
    Rep. Vicki LensingHouse District 78JohnsonClintonnone
    Rep. Cindy WincklerHouse District 86ScottClintonDean
    Sen. Jeff DanielsonSenate District 10Black HawkDoddnew
    Sen. Tom HancockSenate District 16DubuqueDoddnew
    Rep. Ray ZirkelbachHouse District 31JonesDoddnew
    Rep. Bob KressigHouse District 19Black HawkEdwardsnew
    Sen. Daryl BeallSenate District 25WebsterEdwardsDean
    Sen. Keith A. KreimanSenate District 47DavisEdwardsEdwards
    Rep. Wes WhiteadHouse District 1WoodburyEdwardsGephardt
    Rep. Andrew WentheHouse District 18FayetteEdwardsnew
    Rep. Ro FoegeHouse District 29LinnEdwardsEdwards
    Rep. Art StaedHouse District 37LinnEdwardsnew
    Rep. Geri HuserHouse District 42PolkEdwardsEdwards
    Rep. Nathan ReichertHouse District 80MuscatineEdwardsnew
    Rep. Kurt SwaimHouse District 94DavisEdwardsEdwards
    Sen. Steve WarnstadtSenate District 1WoodburyObamaKerry
    Sen. Rich OliveSenate District 5StoryObamanew
    Sen. Bill HeckrothSenate District 9BremerObamanew
    Sen. Robert E. DvorskySenate District 15JohnsonObamaGephardt
    Sen. Tom RiellySenate District 38MahaskaObamanew
    Sen. Frank WoodSenate District 42ScottObamanew
    Rep. Brian QuirkHouse District 15ChickasawObamaKerry
    Rep. Pam JochumHouse District 27DubuqueObamaKerry
    Rep. David JacobyHouse District 30JohnsonObamaKerry
    Rep. Tyler OlsonHouse District 38LinnObamanew
    Rep. Mark SmithHouse District 43MarshallObamaKerry
    Rep. Donovan OlsonHouse District 48BooneObamaKerry
    Rep. Helen MillerHouse District 49WebsterObamaGephardt
    Rep. Janet PetersenHouse District 64PolkObamaKerry
    Rep. Ako Abdul-SamadHouse District 66PolkObamanew
    Rep. Elesha GaymanHouse District 84ScottObamanew
    Rep. Marcella FrevertHouse District 7Palo AltoRichardsonDean
    Sen. John P. "Jack" KibbieSenate District 4Palo Alto Kerry
    Sen. Amanda RaganSenate District 7Cerro Gordo none
    Sen. Brian SchoenjahnSenate District 12Fayette new
    Sen. Matt McCoySenate District 31Polk Kerry
    Sen. Jack HatchSenate District 33Polk Kerry
    Sen. Joe BolkcomSenate District 39Johnson Dean
    Sen. Thomas G. CourtneySenate District 44Des Moines Gephardt
    Sen. Michael E. GronstalSenate District 50Pottawattamie none
    Rep. Dolores MertzHouse District 8Kossuth none
    Rep. Deborah BerryHouse District 22Black Hawk Kerry
    Rep. Tom SchuellerHouse District 25Jackson new
    Rep. Pat MurphyHouse District 28Dubuque none
    Rep. Beth Wessel-KroeschellHouse District 45Story new
    Rep. Jo OldsonHouse District 61Polk Kerry
    Rep. Wayne FordHouse District 65Polk Edwards
    Rep. Rick OlsonHouse District 68Polk new
    Rep. Mark DavittHouse District 74Warren Kerry
    Rep. Eric PalmerHouse District 75Mahaska new
    Rep. Dennis CohoonHouse District 88Des Moines Edwards
    Rep. Philip L. WiseHouse District 92Lee Lieberman
    Rep. Paul ShomshorHouse District 100Pottawattamie Lieberman

    There's less than no activity on the Republican side, as two names drop off the committed chart with Sam Brownback's departure from the race.  (They didn't follow Brownback's lead and endorse John McCain).

    Uncommitted (so far)36279


    NameDistrictHome CountyEndorsement
    Sen. E. Thurman GaskillSenate District 6HancockGiuliani
    Sen. Mary LundbySenate District 18LinnGiuliani
    Sen. Jeff AngeloSenate District 48UnionGiuliani
    Sen. David HartsuchSenate District 41ScottHuckabee
    Rep. Dwayne AlonsHouse District 4SiouxHuckabee
    Rep. Carmine BoalHouse District 70PolkHuckabee
    Sen. John PutneySenate District 20TamaMcCain
    Sen. Larry McKibbenSenate District 22MarshallMcCain
    Sen. Pat WardSenate District 30PolkMcCain
    Rep. Mike MayHouse District 6DickinsonMcCain
    Rep. Bill SchickelHouse District 13Cerro GordoMcCain
    Rep. Steven LukanHouse District 32DubuqueMcCain
    Rep. Rod RobertsHouse District 51CarrollMcCain
    Rep. Walt TomengaHouse District 69PolkMcCain
    Sen. Dave MulderSenate District 2SiouxRomney
    Sen. David JohnsonSenate District 3OsceolaRomney
    Sen. Brad ZaunSenate District 32PolkRomney
    Sen. James F. HahnSenate District 40MuscatineRomney
    Rep. Dave DeyoeHouse District 10StoryRomney
    Rep. Tami WiencekHouse District 21Black HawkRomney
    Rep. Chuck SoderbergHouse District 3PlymouthRomney
    Rep. Ralph WattsHouse District 47DallasRomney
    Rep. Dave TjepkesHouse District 50WebsterRomney
    Rep. Christopher RantsHouse District 54WoodburyRomney
    Rep. Jodi TymesonHouse District 73MadisonRomney
    Rep. Linda MillerHouse District 82ScottRomney
    Rep. Steven OlsonHouse District 83ClintonRomney
    Rep. Rich AndersonHouse District 97PageRomney
    Rep. Greg ForristallHouse District 98PottawattamieRomney
    Rep. Doug StruykHouse District 99PottawattamieRomney
    Rep. Sandy GreinerHouse District 89WashingtonThompson
    Sen. Mark ZiemanSenate District 8Allamakee(ex-Brownback)
    Sen. Jerry BehnSenate District 24Boone 
    Sen. Steve KetteriinSenate District 26Sac 
    Sen. Ron WieckSenate District 27Woodbury 
    Sen. James A. SeymourSenate District 28Harrison 
    Sen. Nancy J. BoettgerSenate District 29Shelby(ex-Brownback)
    Sen. Larry NobleSenate District 35Polk 
    Sen. Paul McKinleySenate District 36Lucas 
    Sen. Hubert HouserSenate District 49Pottawattamie 
    Rep. Royd ChambersHouse District 5O'Brien 
    Rep. Henry RayhonsHouse District 11Hancock 
    Rep. Linda UpmeyerHouse District 12Hancock 
    Rep. Chuck GippHouse District 16Winneshiek 
    Rep. Pat GrassleyHouse District 17Butler 
    Rep. Dan RasmussenHouse District 23Buchanan 
    Rep. Kraig PaulsenHouse District 35Linn 
    Rep. Dawn PettengillHouse District 39Benton 
    Rep. Lance HorbachHouse District 40Tama 
    Rep. Polly GranzowHouse District 44Hardin 
    Rep. Gary WorthanHouse District 52Buena Vista 
    Rep. Dan HusemanHouse District 53Cherokee 
    Rep. Clarence HoffmanHouse District 55Crawford 
    Rep. Matt WindschitlHouse District 56Harrison 
    Rep. Jack DrakeHouse District 57Pottawattamie 
    Rep. Clel BaudlerHouse District 58Adair 
    Rep. Dan CluteHouse District 59Polk 
    Rep. Libby JacobsHouse District 60Polk 
    Rep. J. Scott RaeckerHouse District 63Polk 
    Rep. Jim Van EngelenhovenHouse District 71Marion 
    Rep. Rich ArnoldHouse District 72Lucas 
    Rep. Betty De BoefHouse District 76Keokuk 
    Rep. Jeff KaufmannHouse District 79Cedar 
    Rep. Jamie Van FossenHouse District 81Scott 
    Rep. Tom SandsHouse District 87Louisa 
    Rep. Dave HeatonHouse District 91Henry 
    Rep. Cecil DolecheckHouse District 96Ringgold 
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