Saturday, March 15, 2008

Johnson County Update 2

Johnson County Update 2

Final alignment

Obama 183 (+4 from caucus), 73 delegates
Edwards 82 (exactly same as caucus), 33 delegates
Clinton 77 (+7 from caucus), 31 delegates

As of 3:22 groups are still working on the Put Your Hand Down To Be An Alternate system of election. Sorry for the relative lack of blogging but I'm co-chairing credentials; the numbers are what you really wanted anyway.

4:25 -- Team Hillary and (after some arm twisting) Team Obama successfuly winnowed their lists, but Team Edwards is balloting. Think about it; the rationale for staying with a defeated candidate is to move forward as a group, so everyone in the group wants to move forward and no one wants to back down. With Edwards also viable in Linn County (hat tip to my II partner Lynda Waddington) there's a fair chance that Edwards can be viable in the 2nd District.

So everything's stalled for now.

Common Iowan
reports that Edwards realigned in Marshall County; final delegate split Obama 24 Clinton 8.

5:22 and there's a good county results thread at Kos.

6:10 and the platform is still slogging along with the diehards.

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