Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dean Meets with Florida Dems

Dean Meets with Florida Democrats

While most of Tuesday's nomination calendar activity was on the Republican side, there was a step on the Democratic front: DNC chair Howard Dean met with Florida's Democratic congressional delegation and party chair to try to figure a way out of the calendar-breaking, delegate-seating mess. The key paragraph from the joint statement:
We all agree that whatever the solution, it must have the support of both campaigns. While there may be differences of opinion in how we get there, we are all committed to ensuring that Florida's delegation is seated in Denver. We're committed to working with both campaigns to reach a solution as soon as realistically possible.

So how close are the two campaigns to agreement? Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer: "Chairman Dean is clearly committed to seating the Florida delegation and we urge Senator Obama to join us in calling on the rules and bylaws committee to make this a reality."

But for Team Obama, former Sen. Tom Daschle rejected the Half Nelson plan offered by Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, which would seat all Florida's delegates with half a vote each. Daschle told CNN that Obama would like to "give Florida the opportunity to vote" - but not in a way that would change the overall outcome."

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