Friday, May 02, 2008

Garbage holocaust brings county to its knees

Garbage Holocaust Brings County To Its Knees

You know, I hear this garbage story and can't help but be reminded of Dr. Johnny Fever:
Here in Cincinnati, the garbage strike moves into its fifth consecutive week. Stay tuned for this and all the news at nine straight up. You know, this garbage strike business is starting to rot my brain. Maybe if City Hall won't come to take your garbage, you should take your garbage to City Hall, and leave it on the steps as a sort of a love-offering.

No clips of Howard Hessman but here's the very short lawyer.

At one time Johnny Fever was my role model, and some would say I've achieved that goal. Don't bother with the WKRP DVDs; the music is butchered.

And since we're talking garbage, some gratuitous Shirley Manson.

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