Monday, May 19, 2008

The Monday Mix

The Monday Mix

  • New Republic anonymously polls the Hillary staffers to find out What Went Wrong. As with Fawlty Towers, they don't mention the war.

  • It ain't gonna be Senator Clinton... but the NY Times looks at the next generation of potential female presidents (or running mates).

  • Jerome Armstrong thinks HRC is less interested in VP and more interested in "reforming" the nomination process (i.e. Screw Iowa).

  • Here in Iowa, in the race that's all about party loyalty, Ed Fallon is trying to get Leonard "No Time For Debates" Boswell to flip from Clinton to Obama. (desmoinesdem is covering this race like wallpaper. Good stuff.)

  • A Kos diarist does the math and determines that Obama could win Missi-freakin-SIPPI. Theodore Bilbo is spinning in his grave.

  • Obama drew a crowd of 75,000 in Portland. Let me say that again. SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND. The pics look like Obamapalooza or Obamastock. A bit of Googling leaves me unable to determine if that's some kind of U.S. record for a political rally. (The world record is probably out of reach and held by someone who is able to, uh, strongly encourage attendance, like Kim Jong Il.) Wonder how many he gets in Des Moines tomorrow night at the Claim Victory speech?

  • The Claim Victory speech. In Iowa. I think the caucuses are gonna stay first when he wins, huh?

  • Among the things Obama said yesterday: "We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK." He could have thrown in 75 mile one way commutes and air conditioned cities in the desert... but that might have been a bit much for folks to take.

  • What if gas was 10 bucks a gallon?

  • Book abstract: How we lost our knowledge of where our food comes from.

  • My food, or some of it anyway, comes from the back yard. The Smallest Farm reports roughly 70 percent of the corn crop planted. The Smallest Farmers helped. Also in the ground: the cukes, the zooks, assorted other squashes, the prolific tomatillos, a few herbs, the normal pumpkins, and the GIANT pumpkins. Yet to be determined: how to move the giant pumpkins from the garden at the far south end of the lot up to the house on the far north end. Home grown ingredients are making their way into the salads.

  • It seems I'm trendy: With fuel and grocery prices rising, more and more people are getting their food from the back yard.

  • Space Station fest this week: multiple opportunities per day to see the ISS from North America. Best bets for Iowa City are 9:43 pm Wednesday and 10:05 pm Thursday.
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