Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

Shameless Self-Promotion

Nine Johnson County Democrats are to be honored Saturday at the inaugural Pioneer Awards Banquet at the Iowa Memorial Union.

The nine Pioneer Award winners are Mori Costantino, Edith Hargrave, Claudine Harris, Pat Jensen, Dwight Jensen, Pat Kelley, Verne Kelley, Jean Martin and Carol Spaziani. In addition, John Deeth will be honored as Activist of the Year, and Dawn Suter and Geoff Seamans as Rookies of the Year.

This was in other media so I guess I'm scooped. It's the same award I won last October; I got plenty of attention at the time which tends to happen when your friends and co-workers have blogs. But some of the other award winners got buried in the craziness of five presidential candidates, Forest Whitaker, and a bunch of Bidens. So we're doing a do-over.

So if you feel like applauding the others and/or heckling me, come on over to the IMU Saturday night.

UPDATE: In case you need yet another excuse to attend, my grandson will be there.

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