Thursday, July 03, 2008

From Smallest Farm to Table

From Smallest Farm to Table

It's early July, and the Smallest Farm is beginning to pay off in actual edible produce -- enough to produce most of a meal.

Here we have an Eight Ball squash (basically, a small round zucchini), an eggplant, some basil, a banana pepper, and some garlic greens.

Chop, throw some olive oil in the old cast iron pan, assemble. On the side, some pasta and sauce.

The tomatoes were ringers, as were the onions you see here, but both are growing strong. So this meal is plausibly home grown, if not 100 percent. (OK, I'll admit I don't have a crop of durum wheat growing for pasta.)

Can't forget the salad. What's left of the spinach has bolted, but I'm still getting lettuce, radishes, and (not seen here) peas.

Simple, tasty...

and completely vegie.

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