Sunday, October 19, 2008

Johnson County BBQ

Johnson County BBQ

Johnson County Dems BBQ day was mostly family day for me. I tried to write but just got too busy with the people I love who I don't get to see enough at the end of the campaign. But I did get some pics. (the one above is cribbed from the DI, the rest are mine. Around the table it's Ethan, me, Koni, nephew Owen who's big and growin', sis in law Keri, and Hayden.)

Keynote speaker Tom Harkin (here with Ed Flaherty) arrived and left early, so we got the backwards supper effect of dessert first.

The actual dessert.

Harkin devoted roughly one line of his speech to his unnamed opponent ("I'm not taking this for granted just because I'm not running against a member of Congress.") Spend most of it talking up Senate chances in other states and on his reluctant vote for the bailout.

By tradition, the elected officials serve the food. Here's senators Becky Schmitz and Joe Bolkcom and (partially blocked) Patti Fields from the school board.

State Reps Mary Mascher and Vicki Lensing watch open seat House candidate Nate Willems; open seat contender Larry Marek also spoke.

Dave Loebsack.

Most importantly, this was my grandson's first BBQ.

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