Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday clips

Yep. Still Blagojevich

Obama has some cabinet picks later today, but as the sun rises it's still All Blagojevich All The Time.

  • Ambinder: "The most powerful person in Illinois politics is not David Axelrod. Not Valerie Jarrett. Not either the Daleys. Not either of the Madigans. Not Patrick Fitzgerald. It's the person who dropped a dime on Rod Blagojevich, and it's all the people who have information that Fitzgerald might be interested in." But the assertions are that Who Dropped The Dime is not Rahm.

  • "I thought at the time that I was a serious contender but I realize now that I probably wasn’t because he didn’t ask me for anything" -- Rep. Jan Schakowsky

  • Check this pic of Blago sneaking out of the house. Just read the sign:

  • Who said it: Rod Blagojevich or Tony Soprano?

    In other events:

  • As Obama preps to name actual scientist Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy, there appears to be a feud between the transition team and the rocket scientists. NASA director Mike Griffin is not playing nice.

  • And a list of the ten most embarrassing re-elected members of Congress... that omits Steve King?
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