Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Strange Maps

Strange Maps

One of my favorite goofy web sites is Strange Maps. The posting schedule is a little inconsistent, but they come up with interesting factoids presented cartographically. I never knew, for example, that West Virginians like their hot dogs with cole slaw.

So bookmark or feed them, and check out a few other maps I've found:

  • Krusty has redistricted Iowa down to four congressional districts. Waterloo and Mt. Vernon are paired but he says, "Loebsack can move to Johnson County and nobody will care." A must read, including the comments.

  • Real Clear Politics micro-analyzes `08 election trends; look for the maps near the end.

  • A Californian's View of the US: Iowa is somewhere on the Canada-Jesusland line.

  • The Antipodes Map: Remember "dig a hole all the way to China?" This Googlemap mashup shows you that the hole would actually end up off the west coast of Australia.

  • This is a rerun from last week, when no one read the site anyway (lowest traffic week in two years; last year the caucuses prevented the normal holiday lull): a Russian academic predicts that, just like the Soviet Union, America will splinter into multiple countries, and provides a map.
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