Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dingell sets record

Dingell sets House tenure record

Today it's official; John Dingell (D-General Motors) is the longest serving U.S. Representative ever, beating the old Jamie Whitten (D-Antebellum, 1941-94) record.

and CQ have tributes, while noting that Dingell's clout has dropped dramatically since the December coup that deposed him as House Energy and Commerce chair.

As for me, I miss Lynn Rivers, one of the few progressive bright spots of 1994. Dingell has probably survived more member vs. member primaries than anyone; every ten years he seems to get paired. In the Republican gerrymander massacre of 2002, which also saw David Bonior lose his seat and make a futile run for governor, Dingell and his dollars knocked off Rivers.

Two funny guys: Al Franken is in DC getting ready to get to work, while Coleman keeps dragging his feet. At this rate it may actually be 2010 before we can start the Al Franken Decade.

And Kinky Friedman, the original Texas Jewboy who gave us the classic "Asshole From El Paso," may make another run for governor of the Lone Star State -- but this time as a Democrat. Friedman was fouurth but a respectable fourth in the bizarre 2006 race, and the behemoth GOP primary between incumbent Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison will shake the moorings even more.

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