Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Johnson County Dems To Elect Chair

Johnson County Dems Elect Chair Tomorrow

Johnson County Democrats elect their new chair tomorrow night, and it'll be a new chair as Fearless Leader Brian Flaherty is stepping down after a two-year run that saw the Greatest Barbecue Ever (five candidates, Oscar's reigning Best Actor, and a whole buncha Bidens) and Obama's 70% Johnson County win last fall. (Those highlights almost -- almost-- top being best man at my wedding.)

I don't have a vote tomorrow night. I've had a vote exactly one year out of the past eleven. Part of it is that I keep moving into the wrong precincts, but more of it is that the voting precinct chairs are supposed to run their precincts on Election Day--and my job makes that impossible. We get two voting members per precinct, so if two other people step up, I step back.

There's two declared candidates for chair: platform chair Dennis Roseman and Precinct 25 captain Chris Forbes. If I had a vote, it would go to Chris; he's a strong spokesperson and a go-getter who can really motivate people. (But can he get us Sean Penn and Kate Winslet for the next barbecue?)

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