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Nirvana's Novoselic Runs for Local Office

Nirvana's Novoselic Runs for Local Office

Krist Novoselic, who used to be in a band with the guy from the Foo Fighters, has been mentioned as a candidate for office before, most prominently in 2004 when he was touted as a possible lt. gov. of Washington. Now he's finally making his run, and it's for...

County clerk?
He’s running against County Clerk Kay M. Holland, who was appointed to the post in January after the former clerk retired.

Novoselic keeps his hand in music, playing periodically, but is clearly attached to his rural life and the sense of community he’s found.

The county is the third smallest in the state, with a population of less than 4,000 people. The county seat, Cathlamet, numbers just 565 people.

The duties of the office appear to resemble Iowa's clerk of court duties.

There's more to the story. In Novoselic's announcement post, he barely mentions the office itself and instead discussed the details of Washington's "top two primary" law. He's running under the designation "Grange Party," which is a state-level progressive group.

"My problem is not really with a top two runoff election," writes Novoselic. "My issue is with the way candidates can appropriate the name of a private group."

"The Grange is a non-partisan organization that DOES NOT offer candidates for public office. And the Grange may spend time and money to try and make this clear through media communications. However, under state law in Washington, the Grange cannot rebut my party preference on the public ballot – the only place a voter is guaranteed to see my claim."

Oh, how many times we've had the same problem in Democratic primaries around here.

The "Grange Party" run is in spite of the fact that Novoselic is -- this is the Coolest. Thing. Ever -- chairman of the Wahkiakum County Democratic Party. Way cooler that what we got.

The incumbent is also a Democrat, filling a vacancy by appointment, and she calls Novoselic a "nice guy." The scale is so tiny that the politics of celebrity matter little; reading between the lines, it sounds like Novoselic is running to get sued and challenge the law.

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