Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday clips

Monday clips

Your blogger has been out of the loop with a family visit followed by an illness so while I get better here's some highlights from other people's writing:

  • Bob Vander Plaats tells Jeff Charis-Carlson at the IC P-C: "I'm betting my whole campaign on that executive order" against marriage equality. Here's hoping for that 30% primary vote and convention nomination.

  • The Iowa Republican looks at this BVP monofocus and critiques:
    His biggest mistake in the past is not going into detail about the state budget, job creation ideas, health care and education reform, and any other issue that falls under the fiscal conservative banner... Over the past few months Bob has become the one issue candidate much like Tom Tancredo in the Iowa Caucus."

    Of course, I was the guy who was convinced Tancredo would be the breakout candidate of the caucuses, and he didn't even make it to caucus night, so what do I know?

  • IR also looks at contributions to the Democratic Gang of Six (McKinley Bailey, Brian Quirk, Doris Kelley, Jerri Huser, Dolores Mertz, and Larry Marek) from the Master Builders of Iowa.
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