Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Summer Into Fall

Sunday Summer Into Fall

As summer turns to fall, just a few personal observations:

  • The Smallest Farm is in decline as the pole beans begin to collapse the fence. I'm still picking some, but I'm leaving the last of them to dry and go to seed. The purple pole beans are the hit of the year as the classic Kentucky Wonders did poorly.

    The last of the tomatoes are ripening. I remembered most of what I'd forgotten about canning so I'll be dining on salsa for quite some time.

    We are in prime pepper season, as green turns to color. Best of all, the biggest of the big pumpkins is close to picking.

    Not quite big enough to store a two year old nephew, but success. Guest blogger Hayden has learned about the negative effects of juglone (walnut stuff) and offers his latest on the garden:

    Once upon a time an evil walnut came. So John called George Washington to chop it down and lie about it.

    Goals for next year: cage the peppers so thet don't collapse, plant the squash family farther apart so we don't get mutant squashkins, and as always build a better bean fence.

  • Seen while driving through the football game crowd yesterday: Large sign that said JESUS WILL RETURN. Apparantly Christ is now on the Hawks' special teams :"Jesus will return... the kickoff for a touchdown!"

  • The Gazette has a nice piece on the history and nightlife of the Ped Mall.
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