Friday, October 30, 2009

PC Endorsements

PC Endorses the Predictable

Friday's big news of course is the supervisor appointment, but the forgotten city election keeps rolling with the Press-Citizen endorsements for... of course, Dickens, Mims, Champion:
Although we appreciate the number of ideas that Tallon and Shipley bring to this debate, they have suggested many non-starters that show they don't yet have a pragmatic sense of what's politically viable (selling the Senior Center), economically feasible (selling the parking ramps even though they are making money) or just good policy (relying less on employees and more on volunteers to staff the city's services from recreation centers to fire stations.)

Mims filed her campaign finance report late yesterday. You may recall she raised $7,010 pre-primary and spent $4,584, leaving her with $2,426. Since the October 1 report, Mims has raised an additional $3,224 and spent $3,912, leaving her at $1,738 in the bank. Less than Terry Dickens. Champion, Shipley and Tallon's reports aren't posted yet.

As for the supervisor front, the P-C quotes Lori Cardella claiming "close to 4,000" of the 7,299 signatures needed for an election.

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