Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two GOP Clips

Two GOP Clips

I always read Republican blogs and the Iowa Republican has two good posts:

  • Craig Robinson has a must-read: Is Romney Planning to Bypass Iowa? It's not a viable strategy for a Democrat, as Hillary Clinton got roped in against her judgement. But John McCain essentially ran a Screw Iowa campaign and got the nomination. I say "got," rather than "won," because it was more a matter of everyone else lost.

    Robinson quotes some allusions to the power of cultural conservatives in the Iowa GOP. But he dances around the exact nature of the issue: the fundamentalists won't caucus for a Mormon and vetoed Romney. I've said it before: If Mitt had been a member of Mike Huckabee's church, he would have been the nominee.

  • Also flashing back to Caucus Season 07: Ron Paul's coming back to Iowa...
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