Monday, November 23, 2009

Linux Monday

Linux Monday

Second Linux Monday in a row as I try to re-establish the feature.

  • Forget Obama's Nobel Peace Prize; these folks say it should go to Linux founder Linus Torvalds!

  • Remember Chuck Norris Facts? We ubergeeks have Linus Torvalds facts: "Linus Torvalds can divide by zero. Linus Torvalds can do an infinite loop in five seconds… in his head. Linus Torvalds only has 2 buttons on his keyboard: ‘1′ and ‘0′..." Also, Richard Stallman Facts in tribute to the other godfather of open source.

  • Cracked takes a crack at the joys of installing Linux:
    Ubuntu is slim enough that you can install it inside of Windows. That's right - you can actually have a fully functional, surprisingly powerful OS completely contained within the pale bloated mass that is Windows Vista.

    Is it easy? No, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Does it work? Damn right it does.

    Plus, penguins are awesome. Just sayin'.

  • Why can't I pick the technology I use in the office? It's a question I ask every day as all the anti-virus and "security" I have to run to make Windows as secure as Swiss cheese such up two-thirds of my system resources before I even open an app... Hey, it's the early stages of budget season in local governments around here. When the IT people present theirs, see if you can find out how much your taxes are subsidizing Bill Gates...
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