Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cardella's Calling

Guess Who's Calling

The phones started ringing tonight with the robocalls from Republican Lori Cardella's campaign. Not sure who they're calling; my phone remains dead but my wife got a call despite her Democratic affiliation and the Rettig sign in our yard snowbank... where it's frozen so firmly that I won't be able to get it out till the June primary.

One Deethblog reader reports that the robocall message included complaints about "stolen" yard signs. The implication, of course, is that The Democratic Machine is behind it, with a subtext of Tea Party martyrdom. First the Obamabots took our country away, now they're taking our signs.

My experience with signs in my high-visibility location is that there are direct relationships between sign damage, home football, weekend bar traffic and proximity to the sidewalk. In 2007 I thought someone had it in for Mike Wright when I lost two of his signs (one was actually burned and melted into a little green globule like a Spinal Tap drummer). When I got my third one I rotated my signs, moved Mike in toward the house and Matt Hayek next to the sidewalk--and then it was Matt who got trashed. That points toward passer-by stupidity more than political malice.

I also remember chasing one of my signs--I think maybe a Land Water Future--a block and a half down and across Benton Street on an especially windy Sunday last fall. So check the bottom of your snowdrift for your Cardella signs.

Both the robocalls and the complaints about sign stealing are reminiscent of the conservation bond fight last year. Robocalls are easy when your campaign manager and husband owns a telemarketing firm. But be careful, Tom; corporate contribution laws are different for a candidate campaign than they are for a ballot issue campaign. Looking forward to the campaign finance report.

One last thought on signs: My yard has been pretty lucky in 2 1/2 years on West Benton. The only losing signs I've put up here are Jeff Shipley--which given his chances and the outcome was really just a big middle finger gesture--and Save Roosevelt School.

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