Monday, December 28, 2009

Goodbye Spot

Goodbye To Another Friend

Of all the cats I've known, Spot was the gentlest. She was small and unassuming, and had a crackly little meow that sounded almost shy. But she was always sweet-natured and affectionate, and took well to new people especially the two sons that joined my life these last three years.

She'd been in weak health the last few months--never in pain, but losing weight and less and less active, so we knew it was coming.

She couldn't eat her dry cat food any more so we switched her to cans (in the process, spoiling the other two cats), and we made her a special litter box upstairs because it was hard for her to get down the steps. I was worried about leaving town for Christmas and leaving her. The weather had other plans, which turns out to have been a good thing. She had our company these past few days, and last night we played catch-the-string. For a few moments she was kittenish again.

This morning she and the boys yowled for their breakfast, and Spot and I had a little time together alone. She was eating and purring. After I went to work she curled up and took a nap on her favorite pillow by the heating duct. And that's how Koni found her.

And this is how I see her now, curled up with her brother Butter who we lost a year and a half ago.


dasie lea said...

How sweet. The loss of a pet can be unbearably painful. You have my sympathy. At least you didn't have to put her down because she was dying. That is what sends me into a several day crying jag.

In the future, I probably could do something like check on your kitties. I haven't been out of this city for three years except to pick someone up at the airport and to go to my father's funeral in Wapello. I am here day after day, night after night, day after day...always.

Tara van Brederode said...

I am so sorry, John, for your loss. She was lovely. I still think about my childhood cat, Herkimer, who was with me from my 2nd birthday to age 21. Those little paws do make marks on our hearts.

Thank you for sharing your memories of Spot.