Tuesday, March 02, 2010

21 Bars Are Back

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Tavern

I'm only surprised it took the new city council two months: "Less than three years after Iowa City voters, backed by a strong student turnout, soundly defeated turning bars to 21-only, the Iowa City Council will put the controversial topic back on the table before the end of the month..."

Six of seven members solidly in support (including a flip-flop from Connie Champrion) and only two hints of opposition:
"Regenia Bailey said she has concerns that a 21-only law would encourage more house parties in neighborhoods, which is a common argument of those against changing the current law."

That's the soft argument, as opposed to the challenge to the law that I prefer, but in this context it's the best so I'll take it.

More to my point, though it doesn't count:
Jeff Shipley, a non-voting UI student liaison on the council, opposes 21-only bars.

"I think prohibition has a lot of unintended consequences," Shipley said.

And people gave me shit for voting for Jeff. Right now I feel real good about that vote and real bad about those votes for Hayek, Wright, Wilburn and Champion.

Can't wait to see the full minutes to see if ANYone even MENTIONED the unworkability and injustice of the 21 year old drinking age.

I don't see anyone being persuadable here, let alone flipping three votes especially when Champion just flipped the wrong way. Time to get the petitions going to overturn the inevitable passage, and let's start on 2011 candidate recruitment.

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