Monday, March 08, 2010

Late Linux Monday

Late Linux Monday

Your open source clips for the week focus on Linux in government:

  • Vermont is looking to expand its use of open source software:
    Tucker said his department will put the policy into practice when it comes time to update the state's e-mail system, which is currently running on Microsoft Exchange 2007. The state will consider proprietary software, cloud e-mail and open source solutions...

    "Quite frankly, we sometimes get criticized for the money we spend on proprietary software and there are certainly people in the IT community who work for the state of Vermont who have a viewpoint that there should be more use of open source."

  • And while I hate to open the voting equipment can of worms (I've always felt registration law and voter file management are a bigger issue, though I've mellowed some since Iowa passed election day registration), I will note that Victoria state, Australia is moving to a Linux-based system.

  • Linux really IS communism: North Korea has its own distribution. "The install disc even gives a quote from Kim Jong-il about how important for DPRK is to have its own Linux-based operating system compatible with Korean traditions." Linux is all about free choices, so this isn't really in the spirit, though it is technically Linux in government. Best comnments: 1) "Computers to run it on would be nice. 2) "Food would be better."

  • Finally, deviating from the theme of the week, here's a good beginner's guide to the three main families of Linux distributions.
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