Monday, May 03, 2010

Conlin to Iowa City Tuesday

Conlin on Campus Tuesday

Team Roxanne is targeting the students before finals:
Roxanne Conlin to meet with students, local activists , and supporters in Iowa City to kick-off satellite voting.

LUCAS-DODGE ROOM of the Iowa Memorial Union (2nd floor), Iowa Memorial Union, 2:30 PM
The satellite voting (petitioned, 2-8 PM) is just down the road at the UI Library; another group petitioned for the IMU which will be Wednesday 10-4. Here's hoping they both do better getting out the vote than Jared Bazzell did last fall for the city election.

Mike Mauro is also touring the state this week with an "Announcement Tour" (sic; the ballots with his name on them are already printed and being voted so it's not exactly a surprise). He's got no primary opposition; three Republicans are fighting for the nomination.

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