Monday, May 17, 2010

Culver and Vander Plaats to Iowa City Tuesday

Culver and Vander Plaats to Iowa City Tuesday

If you want to see an event with a candidate for governor in Iowa City Tuesday, the bigger crowd may be at the Hamburg Inn for an 8 AM breakfast with Bob Vander Plaats.

Culver and Company will be in town, too, but the 3 PM Iowa Memorial Union event (campus the week after finals) is clearly just a check the county off the list afterthought. Over the weekend I got an invitation postcard and a call -- both for the noon Cedar Rapids event with VP Joe. I can take a hint, so I'm doing that one instead. The empty Iowa City event will get no coverage because the whole eastern Iowa press corps will be filing the Biden stories.

Joe at noon means missing Bike To Work Week's big annual Bike/Bus/Car Race. It's a library to library (CV to IC respectively) run this year between Tom Gill (on bike), Mike Wright (in car) and Janelle Rettig (bus with bike). I don't have the Vegas betting line, but we'll try to get you those final results.

And as now seems to be routine before Obama Administration visits (is it caucus season again?) the R P of I is having a pre-event the night before, billed this time as a "Real Leadership for Iowa rally." 5:30 PM at the 5 Seasons tree.

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