Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Jacoby and the Mayors

Jacoby and the Mayors

The contested House District 30 primary is heating up as incumbent Dave Jacoby announces an event:
I hope you can join me at a special event we're having next Wednesday, May 12th 5:00 PM-7:00 PM at Gus' Food & Spirits in Coralville. Special guests include Mayor Jim Fausett of Coralville, Mayor Matt Hayek of Iowa City, Mayor Tom Salm of North Liberty, and Mayor Royce Phillips of Tiffin.
That last name is really interesting.

In another hot area primary, the Senate 45 Republican race, Sandy Greiner picks up the Farm Bureau nod.

One year ago today: the sales tax election. The still unanswered question: "Could a campaign where Thornton and Thayer and Cox and Carsner were on the same team, with a cohesive voice, have flipped seven votes?" (the winning Yes margin in Iowa City; Coralville voted No by eight votes) "And how many people voted Yes just to spite `em?"

Speaking of the tea partiers, here's a third party fusion: behold the Green Tea Party!

And my Register post Monday seems to have touched a nerve.

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