Monday, May 31, 2010

Linux Monday

The Dreaded Return of Linux Monday

Just because Smallest Farm Sunday is getting popular doesn't mean I've completely given up on proselytizing for open source.

Good news from the One Laptop Per Child project, which helped pioneer the netbook market by shipping $100 laptops to third world kids, is returning to its Linux roots after briefly being seduced by Micro$oft.

Here's some mainstream publicity and an article aimed at the non-geek: a Washington Post review of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. Mostly positive except for sound.

Speaking of sound: tips on organizing a music library.

The kid-oriented distribution Qimo launches version 2.0. My older son used Qimo as his main OS for close to a year until a Windows-only game killed that experiment.

And For the geekier among you, a comprehensive yet readable look at just how Linux works.

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