Thursday, May 13, 2010

Republican Infight Watch

Republican Infight Watch

  • Who's winning the Republican governor primary? Hard to tell with no polls bit over at Iowa Republican, James Johnson seems to think the winner is... Chet.
    Democrats are crafting a gubernatorial campaign based solely on the hope that many Republicans will grow so bitter over the current feud for the gubernatorial nomination that, whichever candidate does win it, he will surely not receive the full support of the party faithful — thus making possible what had been considered (even by Democrats) a very unlikely event, namely, a second term for Culver...

    Could it be that the average Iowa voter — not the politico but the average one — is growing tired of the in-fighting and sniping and mudslinging within the Grand Old Party?
  • Coralville Courier (which has endorsed Steve Rathje) is re-playing the "Miller-Meeks holds liberal view on abortion" card.

  • And in a longer piece about a lot of stuff, Marc Ambinder sees Iowa's RNC members getting into, then back out of... the Massachusetts governor's race?!?
    Four members of the Republican National Committee have signed on to a letter asking RGA chairman Haley Barbour why he's spending so much money in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race. (The RGA just upped its ad buy by $1 million.) Well, eight members signed originally, including Iowa's two RNC members. (Barbour has presidential ambitions.) Four, including the two Iowans, retracted, but not before a reporter got one of the them, social conservative activist Steve Scheffler, to call Barbour "toast" in Iowa...

    Here's the language the two Iowans used to withdraw their names from the letter: "We are strong conservatives and signed a letter we initially thought would send a message of support for conservative candidates in our party. Upon further reflection, we understand this letter could be interpreted as meddling in the affairs of an independent Republican organization and we wish in no way to harm the efforts of the Republican Governors Association in the pursuit of its work."
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