Thursday, June 03, 2010

New Numbers Same As Old

New Numbers Same As Old Numbers

KCCI poll seems to confirm the PPP poll from earlier in the week, with almost identical numbers:
Branstad 44
BVP 29
Roberts 12
??? 15

Roxanne 48
Krause 13
Fiegen 12
??? 27
KCCI also checks general election and again, more of the same. Grassley 50 Roxanne 42; Chet loses to Branstad by about 15 but is even with BVP.

I still think BVP is capable of a shocker, but a lot needs to change in 5 days. I don't see a lot of undecided vote moving to Branstad. But at least BVP is clearly positioned as the alternative, while Fiegrn and Krause are both tied down below the caucus night viability line.

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