Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reynolds 749, Vander Plaats 579

Reynolds 749, Vander Plaats 579

No way in hell it should have been that close. Terry clearly hasn't made the losers happy - that's not too far from the primary margin.

(Anyone who wants to compare that to Barb Kalbach's futility at the Democratic convention: the stakes were much, much lower, the challenger much less significant, and the support exaggerated because no one but the platform and committee geeks was on hand.)

Prediction: BVP will pass the petitions and tease us right up to the filing deadline, then at the last second not file - because as soon as he says he's not running independent everyone stops paying attention to him, the same way Newt Gingrich tries to convince everyone he's running for president every time he has a new book to sell.

Then BVP and Danny Carroll sit on their hands, help scattered legislative candidates, and silently pray for a Culver win. Control of the RPI is more important to them than control of Terrace Hill.

The only winner here: Rod Roberts, who gets nominated, declines, repeats his endorsement of Branstad-Reynolds. The guy may be crazy conservative but by all accounts he's a class act, and we'll see him back in the ball game. BVP, that's how you do it.

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