Sunday, June 06, 2010

Smallest Farm Sunday, Primary Edition

Smallest Farm Sunday, Primary Edition

Vote Like My YardI always tell people to vote like my yard, which should mean that in a stunning result, Big Plant Sale is the Democratic nominee for state auditor on write-ins. Despite the crunch of election season, I did get some Smallest Farm time this week.

We had guests on the Smallest Farm Tuesday but they were gone the next day.


The boys came out to see them and did a wonderful job of quietly watching from a distance.


Ethan took this picture of one member of the first batch of baby wabbits.

Teh cute

This is the second batch of bunnies late this morning. By late afternoon they'd left the nest for good to seek their fortune amongst my pole beans. Cute only goes so far.

Five Footer

Those pole beans are reaching the five foot mark, and there is as you see an actual five foot mark.


It's been very wet. No morels but plenty of these fun guys.


Climbing cucumbers are climbing.


Mulberry picking spiked in a big way this week.

Farmer John

Ethan got this shot of Farmer John. Note the mosquito biting between my eyebrows.

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