Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still no Vander Plaats endorsement

Still no Branstad endorsement from BVP

GOP primary runner-up Bob Vander Plaats fired up the email list this morning, but the magic word "endorse" does not appear. In a message titled "Thank You," the only reference to primary winner Terry Branstad is:
We were fighting an uphill battle against a four-term governor who was well-funded and had the backing of the Republican Establishment. The last public poll conducted by the Des Moines Register showed us trailing by twenty-eight percentage points heading into the final 48 hours of the campaign. Your efforts and investment allowed us to finish almost twenty points better than predicted.
Not exactly the message of reconciliation Branstad was hoping for.

Emphasizing that his fight on conservative issues was "Right!" BVP concludes by encouraging supporters to stay tuned to his Facebook page, "as I will keep sharing commentary and important information with you."

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