Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conlin Holds Her Own On Current Fundraising

Conlin Holds Her Own On Current Fundraising

It's federal campaign finance report day and O.Kay and Mike Glover look at the stats from the Senate race.

Chuck Grassley has a huge cash on hand lead, sure, but most of that is from $5 million banked from 30 years of uncompetitive races, payment in kind for that Nay vote on Wall Street reform yesterday.

But a challenger doesn't need to match an incumbent dollar for dollar. Conlin often says she knows she'll be outspent ("I've probably sued every one of the Fortune 500"), but she just needs to raise enough to be credible and visible. And in current fundraising the reflects the political climate of now rather than 1992, Roxanne is holding her own.

She keeps this up maybe Grassley will have to condescend to debating more than twice.

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